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Our Financial Institution Credit-now-Loan has been operating since 2008 and is the most comprehensive knowledge base on finance, banks, banking and non-banking products on the market as well as a comprehensive comparison of loans, cash loans, bank accounts and non-bank loans and payday loans. The company’s activity focuses on the offer for individual and business clients – small and medium-sized enterprises, including the most attractive financial products on the market, such as loans, loans and leasing. The smallest complexity of processes allows us to provide customers with convenient service and professional, comprehensive assistance in choosing the optimal direction of finance. See for an illustration


The Financial Institution Credit-now-Loan is a registered press title

The Financial Portal MM is a registered press title

For the convenience of our users, we have grouped bank loans and non-bank loans into categories as well as information on banking, finance, the economy and the stock exchange into four divisions. We have gathered everything into one, modern, extensive and functional database of information and advice in the domain of MM.

There are several dozen banks on the Polish market offering business loans, deposits, accounts, credit cards and several dozen loan companies offering non-bank loans, fast online loans and payday loans with diverse terms – it is difficult to choose the best offer for yourself.


We invite you for the best online promotions

We invite you for the best online promotions

Business Loan and cash loans, revolving loans, mortgages, consolidation loans, refinancing loans, company loans and cash loans, fast online loans, non-bank loans, payday loans, personal accounts, company accounts, deposits and motor insurance.

It is much easier to find an attractive offer by comparing similar banking or non-banking products according to different, own criteria. By comparing offers from over a dozen different banks or from loan companies in one place, you can choose the most advantageous offer. This will save time and money and reduce formalities, which will shorten the waiting time for needed funds. At your disposal, we provide a search engine for non-bank loans and financial comparison engines that will help you find yourself in a multitude of unclear offers and apparent promotions.


Credits, Loans – Comparison, Interest rates, Calculators

Credits, Loans - Comparison, Interest rates, Calculators

The loan will allow you to realize your plans and dreams. See the offer of various loans. Find the cheapest loan and take advantage of the best offer. Choose the product best suited to your needs, fill in the application correctly, and will not have to wait long for the credit decision and the necessary financial resources.

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  • Search engine for non-bank loans
  • Mortgage comparison
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